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Telemedicine is the remote delivery of medical care, vir VR, or AR. It takes the form of teleoperated surgery, robotic rounds-nurses, and electronic propagation of medical data.

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Telemedicine Helps Monitor Parkinson's Symptoms in Patients
Doctors Kevin Biglan and Ray Dorsey from University of Rochester Medical Center in the US have been conducting tests on whether telemedicine is an appropriate option for getting patients and physicians together, to monitor the development of Parkinson's disease.

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Telemedicine slashes hospital stays
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By the beginning of 2006, Carlisle Housing Association and the Carlisle and District Primary Care Trust managed to collaborate on a telemedicine system which cut in half the time patients spend in the hospital, and actually increased care.

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Telemedicine Tele-abused
There is a firm, which specialises in phone and telehealth services to help relieve the stress of hospitalisation. They provide a telephone/television unit next to the beds of more than 160 NHS trust hospitals in the United Kingdom. They may well be abusing their priviledged position.


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Telemedicine researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology have been awarded a $400,000us grant from the National Science Foundation?s Cyber Trust Program to work on integrating RFID technology with cardiac sensor networks used to monito...

The Belfast Royal Group of hospitals have initiated a project to care for the state of health of toddlers and babies remotely, using a 768 kilobit per second system installed in their homes.

These systems are then tied into a sim...

(Press Release) Telemedicine is healthcare's new frontier, a means of facilitating the distribution of human resources and professional competences. It can speed up diagnosis and therapeutic care delivery and allow peripheral and primary h...

The American women?s hospital Sacred Heart, based in the state of Florida, has recently announced it has managed to extend its specific expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies to the entire state.

Telemedicine allows preg...

A program at Mayo Clinic using telemedicine technology is showing promise for patients with concussions in rural Arizona. A case study published in the December 2012 issue of Telemedicine and e-Health validates "teleconcussion" as a usefu...