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Telemonitoring is a branch of telehealth, in which the status of an individuals organs, such as heart, lungs, or brain, is continuously monitored by an implanted device, which sends a steady stream of data across the net to a medical practitioner.

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Providing patients with chronic heart failure access to remote monitoring, for example by telephone or telemonitoring using wireless technology, reduces deaths and hospitalisations and may provide benefits on health care costs and quality o...

(Press Release)WASHINGTON: The US space agency NASA has announced that it would test the latest concepts in telemedicine at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations (NOAA) Aquarius Underwater Laboratory, the worlds only permanen...

Like the bleeps of an alarm clock, TeleCare, a home monitoring device, gives the chronically ill a wake-up call: "It's time to take your vitals."

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State Univers...

As one of an increasing number of cases detailing how telehealth?s remote monitoring capabilities can shift burden from centralised medical centres for a widening range of issues, Biotronic have put out a press statement on the telemonitori...