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To teleport is to move instantaneously from one point in a virtual environment to another, without crossing the areas in between.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: Fixing a Problem (2)
Continuing on from Large Image Display: Fixing a Problem, we see the same truck as evidenced in that frame, heading further into the city. This is a definite problem with every world that is heavily based on the recreation of natural laws. If you desire to do something that breaks those laws, you cannot. Not without breaking those laws, and as everything is interconnected, setting up a ripple effect that damages the simulation around the 'physical' area where you teleport.


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Diabetes UK has launched its Silent Assassin campaign within the virtual 3-D world of Second Life.

The charity launched both its headquarters and the campaign in the virtual world that boasts 15 million residents to coincide...

10 / Nov / 2008 from 12:00-12:45 PM Eastern Time Zone
Crowne Plaza Lounge Room in Second Life secondlife://Place To Meet/164/200/24/

Join Shobita...

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology quantum mechanically couple atoms to glass fiber cables. Now, they have shown that their technique enables storage of quantum information over a sufficiently long period of time to realize ...

While you can't yet teleport or clone yourself to be in two places nearly at once, computer scientists are working on what might be the next best thing.

With support from IBM Research and Nokia Research Center, the VTT Techn...

New street-level imaging software developed by Microsoft could help people find locations more quickly on the Web. The software could also leave new space for online advertising.

Services like Google Street View and Bing Stre...