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Teleportation is best described as changing the point of a user's presence - mental or physical, from one place to another without moving through the virtual/physical space between the two points.

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Physicists have carried out successful teleportation with particles of light over a distance of 600m across the River Danube in Austria.

In the longest communication attempt to date, scientists at the University of Vienna an...

ETH-researchers cannot "beam" objects or humans of flesh and blood through space yet, a feat sometimes alluded to in science fiction movies. They managed, however, to teleport information from A to B for the first time in an electronic ...

Tokyo-based Genkii is a company focused, in broad terms, on new media and storytelling. Its first products were interactive comic books for the iPhone based on Japanese manga. Its founders, though, have a fairly extensive history in virtual...

In recent years, physicists have devised numerous ways to use the oddities of quantum mechanics to transmit and process information.

Now a team of researchers has announced an important step toward using this quantum informat...

In recent years, the Austrian physicist Anton Zeilinger has bounced entangled photons off orbiting satellites and made 60-atom fullerene molecules exist in quantum superposition--essentially, as a smear of all their possible positions and e...