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An industry drawn from the merger of VR (virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), Telepresence is the art of projecting oneself so that natural conversations can be held between parties, exactly as if both members were physically at the same location - when in fact, neither may actually be there.

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Beating the Limitations of Camera-Monitor Mediated Telepresence with Extra Eyes
When interacting physially, you are most aware of your immediate surroundings, and less aware of objects further away. In telepresence that is usually reversed, as the telepresence screen you focus on concentrates itself on objects far away. Is there any way to combat this? Perhaps...

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Saya The Gynoid ~ Telepresence and Automated Teacher
Saya is an older gynoid from Japan. Developed in 2004, her initial role was as a robot receptionist. Since then, her development has improved to the point of a classroom assistant / telepresence portal for pre-teen education, and she is being used as such.

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Telepresence with a Twist: Robotic Students
Telepresence is the art of projecting oneself so that natural conversations, and even interactions can be held between parties, exactly as if both members were physically at the same location - when in fact, one or both parties may in fact be absent. It is being there without going there, in simple terms.Recently, that has had an impact on education, in a classroom.

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Telepresence used for Criminal Court Proceedings
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 11-01-2017, deemed too important to allow to fade. On the 11th of January 2017 the trial of Rolf Harris's alleged sexual misconduct started - marking the first time telepresence was used for the sole representiation of the defendant in a UK court of criminal law, and quite possibly the first anywhere.

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Telerehabilitation to treat Physical Disorder
Telerehabilitation - rehabilitation conducted via remote link, as a variation on telepresence, would seem to be a good answer to patient treatmeent availability issues. It is used extensively for mental disorders. Can it be used for physical too?

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VR Interfaces: iRobot ConnectR
The ConnectR is iRobot's attempt at robotic telepresence.


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June 4-6 2007, University of San Diego, California.

Telepresence creates a live, face-to-face meeting experience with remote participants life-size with fluid motion and accurate flesh-tones and flawless audio! As effective a...

With the currently ongoing ?terror threat? with UK and US airports closed due to the threat of planes being blown up, and what passengers are allowed through, being banned from carrying laptops, mp3 players, mobile phones, electronics of an...

DreamWorks Animation?s new CG film, ?Bee Movie? had a problem. DreamWorks is in Glendale, California., but director, producer and star Seinfeld preferred to stay in New York City.

The solution? Telepresence. DreamWorks Animat...

Building on the trend toward remote work, two companies started shipping wheeled telepresence robots to customers this year, and other versions are launching soon. While prices are steep and sales tepid, some early adopters find that the ro...

Telepresence systems are starting to step into the world of robotics. In a fairly predictable, and long-overdue move by the robotics industry, Anjelika Peer at Munich University in Germany, with colleagues Ulrich Unterhinninghofen and Marti...