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Thought Transfer

Thought transfer is vaguely related to memory transfer, but is approaching mind uploading?s technical requirements. It is the still theoretical concept of technological telepathy, or the ability to send what one person is thinking, directly to another person.

An outgrowth of BMI work, this area is seeing considerable financial attention as the benefits of such soundless communication methods, particularly to military work, cannot be undervalued.

Immediate benefits for the general population would include silent mobile phone calls, and a better way of collaborating on ideas.

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Thought Transfer


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In ?What Is Thought?? Eric Baum proposes a computational explanation of thought. Just as Erwin Schrodinger in his classic 1944 work What Is Life? argued ten years before the discovery of DNA that life must be explainable at a fundamental level by physics and chemistry, Baum contends that the present-day inability of computer science to explain thought and meaning is no reason to doubt there can be such an explanation.

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Handshake and Transmit Data
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 23-02-2005. The human body is now a transmission medium for computer data. Just shake hands to transfer that file.

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The Bandwidth to Feel
Using the current approach to data transfer the Internet is built on, full VR would never be possible. Just too many thousands of packets for different senses, all moving at once. You would literally come apart at the seams. Thankfully, there is another approach; Internet 2.

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Two-Way Data Neuroprosthetic Implants
IMEC, a nanotechnology company out of Leuven, Belgium, has developed a new approach to neuroprosthetics, an electrode probe that is capable of two-way data transfer. It can read neighbouring electrical impulses, and at the same time, transmit new impulses back.

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Raw Speed
The raw speed communication is possible at on the internet is a linchpin of VR for social use. As the immersion level deepens, and more and more bodily senses are incorporated into the simulation, the demand for high speed data transfer escalates. This report looks at some of the recent attempts to squeeze faster and faster data transference from the internet infrastructure.

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It's Only A Game
Another well thought out counter-argument to all those who say that virtual environments are oly games. This one comes from the MUD sphere.

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Wireless Data Swifter than Wired Data
One of the real issues with wireless data transfer is the slow speed at which it transfers data. Near-future high-sensory-bandwidth systems such as virtual reality and simulated stimulation are even at this stage, pushing the limits of bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Anxious to download his wedding videos more quickly, a German researcher has created a 1GB/sec system, with the potential for wireless 10GB/sec.

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When Landscaping Don't Worry About Life Forms
It seems when landscaping a world, the actions of the inhabitants play less of a role than previously thought.


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The short-range wireless standard Bluetooth 3.0 will officially launch on April 21. The Bluetooth 3.0 standard is expected to deliver faster short-range wireless speeds up to 480 Mb per second.

Bluetooth 3.0 will feature cons...

Professor Kevin Warwick, leading proponent of cyborg existence, has started work on enabling computers to be controlled by pure thought. Some of his existing work includes controlling a robotic, or virtual limb via the power of thought ...

A team of MIT researchers has succeeded in carrying out the first systematic investigation of the factors that control boiling heat transfer from a surface to a liquid. This process is crucial to the efficiency of power plants and the cooli...

Sony have announced the development of a highly efficient wireless power transfer system that eliminates the use of power cables from electronic products such as television sets. Using this system, up to 60 Watts of electrical energy can be...

The three large Japanese manufactures, Hitachi, Panasonic Corp., and Toshiba Corp, have announced that they are developing radio frequency (RF) transceiver ICs in the 60GHz band. All three manufactures plan to make ultra-small transceiver m...