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Tilting is movement in the vertical plain. With a user, it usually involves a head nod, or other purely vertical movement. Tilt, Pan, and Roll together form the three axis of movement.

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The sudden popularity of tablet computers such as the Apple iPadŽ has not allowed for the development of guidelines to optimize users' comfort and well-being. In a new study published in Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehab...

German designer Martin Frey has developed map-reading shoes.

Rather than follow a sat-nav display when walking, your feet are pulled in the right directions, by CabBoots.

The shoes actually tilt their soles to...

Google has released a custom Google Earth application for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The Google Earth geographical software has been altered to make maximum use of the iPhone's screen and functionality. You're able to tilt the device to adjus...

BOX FAB has ?a virtual reality head-mount which the iPhone clips into instantly become a networked, head-tracked, virtual worlds viewer?.

Quoting directly from their site:

The device can network...

Unmanned aircraft maker AeroVironment has received an additional $5.4 million from DARPA to further develop a tiny aircraft that can fly into tight spaces undetected, perch, and send live surveillance information to its handlers.