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Total Party Wipeout

TPW or Total Party Wipeout is a slang term used in VR gameworlds to indicate an adventure was unsuccessful, and every member of the adventuring party was killed.

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Total Party Wipeout



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Total Recall is the film that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger?s career as an action star. It is also one of his best films ever, with a detailed plotline and a lavish attention to detail on AR and VR concepts ? all of which are physically possible, and being actively pursued today.

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Book Quotes: Total Addiction
There is always a darker side to the personal total immersion experience of VR, SimStim, and their kin - the addiction side of things.

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The Senses of Total Immersion
Total immersion in an alternate reality is as old as the human race. Quite possibly they are even older than that. Dream realities, fantasies, campsite stories, the world of a good book. All stem from the desire to experience an alternative life, a different lifestyle, to be something different, or to escape what you are.

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The JohnnyCab: Total Recall's Look at AI Vehicles
The Johnny Cab from Total Recall was completely self-sufficient, AI controlled taxi cab. It possessed a motorised mannequin upper torso on a swivel axis inside, so humans had something familiar to interface with. Otherwise it was the very poster child for everything modern AI ground vehicles are trying to achieve.

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AI Middleware: Getting into Character Part 1 - BioGraphic Technologies' AI.implant
An introduction to the concept of third party AI engines, and a look at the capabilities of AI.implant, which basically turns characters into autonomous agents, capable of making their own, independent decisions.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Showing the Rooms
ActiveWorlds' gateway shows off it's resource rooms for creating your own virtual world on their platform, and links to third party instruction manuals for coding bot programs to increase the realism.

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Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios Part I: Initial Legal Issues
Before you can hope to market any piece of software, from a spreadsheet, to a game, to a world, you need to be sure you can protect your copyright, from outsiders, from yourselves, from third-party partners. How do you do that? Set up in business.

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Business in VR: Interfacing a Sales Database with a World
A tutorial for those looking to set up business integration with a third party virtual environment, and avoid the common major pitfalls in linking their transaction database for in-world product orders.

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Assumptive and Suggestive Roleplaying
An old article from the Imaginary Realities e-magazine, looking critically at the differences between assumptive ? presuming what the other party will do ? and suggestive, role-playing activities, Ten years later, it is still sorely needed, as using the wrong type of role-play in any shared experience, lessens the fun for both parties.

The Emperor Workstation is a high end work/gaming console from NovelQuest, designed as one in a long line of attempts at total immersion pods.


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Linden Lab recently delivered its 2008 usage results, which peg user hours up 61% over 2007 for a grand total of nearly 400 million hours total.

That's a lot of hours, equivalent to roughly 45,631 years.