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Touch Sequence Navigation

Touch sequence navigation is a specific subset of touch sequences, concerned solely with moving the user's focal point around in a simulated environment. Like all touch sequences, it consists of a command given to the system by a series of separate touches on a touchscreen or touchpad. If the hardware supports multi-touch or differentiates touch by parts of the finger, so much the better. By using a touch sequence, the interface allows complex commands to be performed with minimal learning curve by the user.

The first touch opens up an invisible menu of a sort – it primes the system to expect a second touch-based gesture. If the touch-based gesture is not one of the acceptable options, or no second touch is forthcoming, the system acknowledges the initial touch was not a command, and does not process it further.

For example, the user taps the pad, and then spreads their fingers in a letterbox shape across the pad. This is two touch commands. The first to get the system's attention, the second to navigate towards the point initially touched – to zoom towards it as it gets larger on the display. If the second gesture did not immediately follow the first – there was a tap but no command how to modify that tap, then the user did not intend to tap the surface, and the system silently cancels the command and initiates no movement.

This avoids the nightmare scenario for any interface – user confusion. If we just used a single touch to navigate, than any accidental pressure on the interface would whisk the user's point of view away to parts unknown. Instead, the two or three part sequence ensures that navigation remains intuitive, but is not triggered accidentally.

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