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A form of PvP, a Track is when the 'find user' function of a world is used over and over to follow the progression of the same person throughout the world, and spy on their activities from afar.

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3D Mouse

3D Pointer

3D Spaceball

3D Tracker




Active marker MoCap

Alpha-Beta Search


Attached Shadow

Augmented Reality



Biometric Interface


Camera Vergence

Computer Vision

Dolly Shot


Electromagnetic Tracker

Eye tracking

Eyeball in the Hand

Field Sequential 3D Video


Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Gait Analysis

Gaze Control

Gaze Tracker

Gaze Tracking

Gaze-Directed Steering


Gesture Control

Gesture Tracker

Gesture Tracking


Haptic Glove

Head Mounted Display

Head Tracking

Heart Rate Variability






Huge Immersive Virtual Environment


Inertial Measurement Unit

Inertial Tracker

Infrared Tracker

Input Glove

Inverse Problem

Kinematic Motion Estimation


Location Aware

Magic Symbol

Magnetic Field Sensor

Marker-based Facial motion capture

Markerless Facial motion capture

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Pedestrian Dead Reckoning

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Position Tracker


Quantified Self


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Remote Controlled Weapon

Remote Sensing

Scalable Medical Alert and Response Technology



Shadow Volume

Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping

Six Degrees Of Freedom



Smart Material


Tangible User Interface


Three Degrees Of Freedom

Time modulated active marker MoCap


Track shot


Tracking Device


Two Handed Input

Ultrasonic Trackers

Update Rate

Virtual Model Display




Wide Area Augmentation System

World in the hand


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Using VR and Phased Imaging to Track Alzheimers Disease Progression in New Ways
In mid 2012, Swiss researchers turned the world of alzheimers plaque imaging on its head: by combining a phased imaging source and an integral VR model generator, for the first time ever we can now track the formation of Alzheimers plaques in real-time in living patients.

Linked resource
Case for Multiple Experience Games
An interesting article, on the track of creating multiple entertainment experiences in a single product, rather than different titles ? allowing individuals to explore the same gameworld, even if their interests often diverge.

Count Zero was William Gibson?s second novel. Slotting in straight after Neuromancer, it takes place in the same universe, a few years down the track. The work is a literal wealth of technological ideas, beautiful metaphors and breathtaking script.

The iClub is a 3D pointer of a sort. It does not work alone, but instead is designed to be fitted to a golf club. Once attached, it uses internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to track its own position and acceleration through 3D space, reporting that information to itself, for storage and later analysis.

Locally Hosted resource
The First Military RoboSuits: HULC
HULC, or Human Universal Load Carrier, is a product of Lockheed Martin, a US defence contractor. It is loosely based on a similar design from Berkeley Bionics of California, but with significant enhancements. It is still a long way from a practical robosuit of course, but is definitely on the right track:

Locally Hosted resource
Seeing Through Walls: Heat Vision AR Leaves the Movies
In many modern sci-fi films, a fugitivve is on the run, and the authorities track them by means of an AR camera that can penetrate the walls of the building they are in, and search them out by their shape, movement, or the heat they give off. Well, the first real version of that system has been created.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, one of the most major computer-based entertainment (read: Mainstream) events in the calendar year, starts on the 10th of May 2006. Here, we track the events and announcements from the big guns, and the little guns, as the event unfolds.

Linked resource
The Bug Process
Bug tracking is a major headache when you?re shipping any code product. In a MMO or social VR world where the world is persistent, and you have test builds and live builds scattered across several servers, bug tracking can become a major migraine. How then, is best to track and kill these annoying bugs in persistent products?

The Hyper IMS system is a prosthetic implant designed to track and monitor a person's blood pressure in real time. Designed to reduce the need for continual doctor visits, unnecessary drugs and stress, the prosthetic organ is implanted directly into the femoral artery in the groin. There, it monitors blood pressure thirty times a minute.


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Birds, turtles and seals have all had their private lives pried into using GPS tags; now fish are getting the same Big Brother treatment.

Until now it has been difficult to track fish with any accuracy. Large fish like tuna h...

Wi-Fi hotspots make wireless networking so simple, its almost unbelievable. Literal just detect and go. Only one tiny snag: finding a wi-fi hotspot can be a nightmare.

Although the UK has a few thousand wi-fi hotspots, London...

Using portable 3D laser technology, scientists have electronically preserved a rare 110 million-year-old fossilized dinosaur footprint that was previously excavated and built into the wall of a bandstand at a Texas courthouse in the 1930s.<...

Normal tissue often gets caught in the crossfire during radiation therapy. Damage is caused by the high-energy beams of radiation used to kill tumor tissue--particularly when the patient's breathing causes the tumor to shift.


It is possible your computer could track your movements around the house by monitoring the electrical noise made by household appliances as you switch them on and off.

"The problem I see with a lot of ubiquitous computing re...