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Tracking Device

A tracking device is a piece of physical hardware, usually affixed to the user's head. It works by sensing movement in the three axis, and relaying those movements back to the computer system at a regular update rate. Tracking devices are responsible for the issue of phase lag, which can cause simulation sickness.

See Also: Mechanical Tracker, Electromagnetic Tracker, Infrared Tracker, Ultrasonic Tracker, Inertial Tracker

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An Engineers' AR Display
A new concept on eye tracking, does two things. Firstly, it integrates both concepts into one device, by registering eye movement through the simple expedient of tracking pupil movement via machine vision, and mounting the tracking camera on the rear frame of the device.

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Tech48: Virtual Fetish Provision
An innovative erotic game in which a webcam plus tracking software is used to emulate head tracking...for looking up skirts.

From the fascinating title, this book might come across as something to do with the encroaching issues of how prosthetic body parts intermix with security concerns. This is not what the book is about. Instead, it is a weighty tome dealing with tracking how prosthetics affect the health of the general public.

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Production Testing and Bug Tracking
It's standard in the software development timescale, to leave bug-tracking, and problem solving until the Alpha development phase, when balancing is usually handled. This article from the game development professional's point of view, looks at why that is a bad idea, and strategies for handling bugs before they get to that stage.

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Eye-tracking as Virtual Environment Interaction for Disabilities
Gaze tracking comes to the desktop, as an interface modality designed exclusively to control virtual environments by gaze control, and aimed at those who lack fine motor control for a mouse. Packaged in the unfortunately named "Snap Clutch" driver.

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The Bug Process
Bug tracking is a major headache when you?re shipping any code product. In a MMO or social VR world where the world is persistent, and you have test builds and live builds scattered across several servers, bug tracking can become a major migraine. How then, is best to track and kill these annoying bugs in persistent products?

The Media Vehicle, is a serious take on VR interfacing, however it is not a serious commercial device. The unit is, for lack of a better phrase, an ?art tool?. It exists to showcase what is currently possible in 2009, not as a device which expects a practical market.

With the current surge in uses of the iphone as a distributed computing device, and several industries, most notably medical healthcare taking it up in increasing numbers, there has not been a better time to learn to code this small, sleek device.

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Gene-Z Device Applies Microfluidic Diagnosis at Low Cost
The GeneZ device is an extremely low-cost field diagnosis unit for telehealth in the developing world. Designed to identify cancer and a host of other diseases, and to run indefinately, outside the power grid.


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FitBit is a simple motion activated device that tracks the movement of the wearer and provides feedback about physical activity, calories expanded, and how much sleep was obtained by the user. Small enough to be strapped to one's underwear...

Tracking devices that use the Global Positioning System have become so compact and inexpensive that some people are using them routinely to keep tabs on their most precious things.

Kathy Besa of Broomall, Pa., has a device ab...

In large, public dynamic adverts, face recognition and tracking has now advanced to the point where small cameras can now be embedded in the screen or hidden around it, tracking who looks at the screen and for how long. The makers of the tr...

Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise, or LITETM has installed three separate, interlinked IS-900 wireless motion tracking systems in the 3D Immersive Visualisation Total Immersion System (TIS) it runs.

This makes the...

Most parents will attest that infants convey their needs and interests in a variety of ways, many times without ever making a sound. For researchers in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, it is what babies communicate with their ey...