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1. In any 3D virtual environment, the act of translation is the movement of any object along any of the three axis that define the space.

2. Translation can be an artificial intelligence process, of natural language understanding and translation from one natural language to another. Useful in group setting when one participant may not understand another?s natural language. This is a huge challenge for AI to perform, and it does usually fail dismally.

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Researchers at Jibbigo LLC and Carnegie Mellon University's International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies (interACT) have developed a new application for Apple's iPhone 3GS that performs speech-to-speech and speech-to-text ...

NEC has developed a system that can understand around 50,000 Japanese words and translate them to English text on the mobile's display in just a second or two.

The software was made compact enough to "operate on a small mic...

European scientists have developed groundbreaking technology to enable machine translation using statistical analysis. Now linguistic diversity can be found in translation.

We live in a global village, and its name is Babel. ...

A highly ambitious European project used basic cognitive function, eye-tracking and keystroke logging as the starting point for the study of human-computer interaction for translation. It could be the dawn of a new era, with cognition-stren...

Google on Thursday released free software that lets smartphones based on its Android operating systems be used as language translation tools.

Google enhanced its Goggles application to read and translate English, French, Ital...