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Transparency and Opacity are frequently confused. Both are modifiers applied via various means to polygonal objects within a virtual environment. Transparency is the measurement of how transparent an object is, from 0% which is fully solid, to 100% which is completely transparent.

Opacity is the measurement of how opaque an object is, from 100%, fully solid to 0%, which is invisible.

Both modifiers are required because an object which is 0% opaque is completely invisible, yet an object which is simply 100% transparent, allows the user to see through it but retains its three dimensional outline in the environment.

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Optical Tracking of Zebrafish Neural Impulses
Zebrafish are handy little critters, as far as neuroscience goes. These tiny, mostly transparent little fish have brains that whilst greatly simplified, have a structure remarkably similar in basic form, to our own. Add in that aforementioned near-transparency, and it becomes possible under the correct lighting conditions, to literally see right into their brains, to the point where you can practically watch as a thought takes place.


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The natural transparency of young zebrafish has allowed neuroscientists to use light, much like we use a remote control, to turn on and off neurons that may be responsible for how we move our bodies.

The natural transparency ...

Search giant Google has said it is "close" to resolving issues that have prevented it from passing a hard disk of data to German authorities.

The disk contains wi-fi data Google Street View cars gathered by mistake.

Switzerland's data protection watchdog on Friday demanded that Google immediately withdraw the "Street View" facility it has started offering on its map of Switzerland.

Federal data protection and transparency officer Hans...

Changes made by Google to its privacy policy are in breach of European law, the EU's justice commissioner has said.

Viviane Reding told the BBC that authorities found that "transparency rules have not been applied".

University of Houston researchers have developed a new stretchable and transparent electrical conductor, bringing the potential for a fully foldable cell phone or a flat-screen television that can be folded and carried under your arm closer...