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Twist is a term that came out of EverQuest, and now applicable to all VR Gameworlds, where a player character casts in quick succession, a series of spells with very limited duration, repeating the casting over and over such that at any time, most are in effect, in a slowly twisting effect as different ones time out and are recast. This has the effect of keeping the majority of effects almost permanently on.

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Civanon is a humourous twist to the issue of addiction to gaming and social VR. It is an alcoholic?s anonymous style tongue-in-cheek civilisation player?s self-help service.

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Synthetic Brain to Aid Research
In what is certainly initially seems like a novel twist on logic, researchers from UC Irvine are utilising a robot outfitted with an artificial mind, to help them understand how the human brain works.

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Stretchable Tactile Sensors
Wouldn't it be marvellous if artificial pressure sensors could bend and flex like their organic counterparts? If synthetic skin could knead and twist like normal skin, but remain just as keen of sense? We are not there yet, but the first prototypes that can behave naturally under strain, are already here.

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Telepresence with a Twist: Robotic Students
Telepresence is the art of projecting oneself so that natural conversations, and even interactions can be held between parties, exactly as if both members were physically at the same location - when in fact, one or both parties may in fact be absent. It is being there without going there, in simple terms.Recently, that has had an impact on education, in a classroom.

Pixel Perfect is a 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie. It was first shown in January 2004, to 1.58 million viewers. As might be expected from a Disney branded production, Pixel Perfect can be somewhat teenager-orientated, however it is essentially S1m0ne, given a new twist.

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Surgical Simulators
In a strange twist of logic, endoscopic surgeons are starting to benefit from the technologies used in flight simulators. The task at hand is the development of a surgical simulator for minimally invasive surgery, that uses the standard endoscopic tools the surgeons would use in an actual surgery, and will use VR technology to add in full sensation.


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A striking demonstration of a means to boost the information-carrying capacity of radio waves has taken place in Venice, Italy. The technique exploits what is called the "orbital angular momentum" of the waves - imparting them with a "tw...

Electronic memory chips may soon gain the ability to bend and twist as a result of work by engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. As reported in the July 2009 issue of IEEE Electron Device Letters,* the engineers h...

A robot designed to work in space should ideally be a Jack of all trades, with the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks by itself. By having one robot that can handle many jobs, astronauts can cut down on weight in order to reduce lau...

It is a completely transparent and flexible energy conversion and storage device that you can bend and twist like a poker card.

It continues a line of prototype devices created at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering that ca...

A scientific collaboration between researchers at University of Miami College of Engineering, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Northwestern University, has developed technology to embed electronic circuits into highly fle...