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UV Values

the axis U and V are used when texturemapping vertexes of any 3D structure. Sometimes called UV values, sometimes just UV, these two markers determine how many times a texture is repeated across a given surface

For example, a UV value of 1,1 means that a texture is stretched to the limits of the vertex, both horizontally and vertically such that the widest point on the vertix is covered with the texture.

A UV value of 2,1 on the other hand, means that the texture is to repeat twice across the width of the vertex, but only once, for the height.

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UV Values


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This book is essentially the direct outpourings from the designer?s mind on the foundational skills behind the design and architecture of a game, or gameworld. Of course, since virtual environments, even non-gaming, share many albeit not all of the same design features, a designer lacking these skills, risk overlooking usability issues and immersion values, without which users may struggle. This is especially true in persistent VR.


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