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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV, is any manner of robotic aircraft, from a surveillance drone to a fighter, a bomber, or even a commercial airliner that flies itself. A pilot may be used, as a secondary control system with a UAV, however that pilot is usually located on the ground, in another part of the world to the vehicle itself.

All flight navigation decisions are made by the on-board artificial intelligence, based on data gathered by a variety of sensor systems. The pilot is only required for tricky manoeuvres, for setting new goals, and tasks, or as a backup for insurance purposes.

See Also: AI, Embodiment, Autonomous Vehicle

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


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Using UAVs to Ramp up Development of Aerial Sensor Webs
In concept it is quite brilliant – using a small, cheap, practically 3D printable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to greatly accelerate the development of aerial sensors, by allowing them to quickly and easily be fitted to the UAV, and launched into the air without a moment's hesitation. Something needs tweaking, the small plane is landed, the sensor detached, tweaked, reattached and the whole thing lifts again.

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MULE is an American military unmanned ground vehicle, designed by Lockheed Martin. It is an artificial intelligence controlled combat support robot, albeit one that is larger than a humvee.

The Media Vehicle, is a serious take on VR interfacing, however it is not a serious commercial device. The unit is, for lack of a better phrase, an ?art tool?. It exists to showcase what is currently possible in 2009, not as a device which expects a practical market.

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Augmented Reality Sensor Web for the Road: Real-Time Ice Location
The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created what is essentially, a scalable, modular road ice sensor network, designed to work with all types of heavy goods vehicle, and to communicate with any other technology also in place on the vehicle's data bus - drawing GPS data from other devices and interfacing with satelite navigation systems and in-cabin displays to warn the driver of approaching ice.

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SUAVe: Redefining Archaeology With Aerial AI
The SUAVE system is a semi-autonomous UAV, the brainchild of an archaeologist and an engineer. It flies over any dig site, continually taking pictures to convert into a 3D model, reducing the time taken to map a site from painstaking 2-3 years to a single month or less.


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With the newsgathering techniques of its sister publications in Britain under fire, News Corp. is facing a probe into the use of drones by its U.S.-based digital publication, The Daily.

Federal Administration Aviation spokesw...

Swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles are flying over enemy territory. And a single, nonspecialist soldier far from the battlefield is somehow managing to do all the command and control work.

No, this is not current tech, but i...

New technology that enables aerial vehicles to plan and verify missions could mean there is less need for military personnel to conduct dangerous surveillance operations in war zones.

Developed for use in multiple unmanned ae...

The integration of drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), into the National Airspace System (NAS) needs to be expedited, the Senate Armed Services Committee said in its report on the FY2013 defense authorization bill last week, FAS Secre...

Wildfires kill and, too often, fatalities are caused by a lack of situational awareness, said Kelly Cohen. Timely information can prevent wildfire deaths, especially among first responders, said Cohen, associate professor of aerospace engin...