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Update Rate

The measure of the frequency that a tracking device sends data to the central system to indicate movement. The faster the rate, the less likely simulator sickness is to occur.

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At CES 2009, Nvidea unveiled a system of active glasses. Specifically, shutter glasses. The frames alternate polarisation to block light out every second frame, so that each eye gets half the screen update rate of any normal monitor, but will work with a normal output stream just fine.

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Japanese Telecomm Predicts Fully Immersive Mainstream VR by 2020
With the expansion rate of Japan's wireless networks in terms of both bandwidth and decreasing cost, coupled with the rate of development of mobile phones into computing platforms in their own right, NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile phone carrier service believe that this estimate is about right.

World Review: Dive In
World Review: Dive In welcome screen
DiveIn is a little bit of an oddity. Well, it would be, if the company that makes it, did not churn out similar worlds at a rate of knots.

This is an old book, on its third update; a definite mainstay in the industry. Its one of those that never really gets to gather dust on the bookshelf, thou it may wind uo with food amongst its pages, as you reference back to it, without stopping for a break.

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Podcast: DARPA and the DEKA Arm: 2009 Update
A 12 minute segment from CBS 60 minutes news program, which tours inside DARPA, looking at the current state of the DEKA prosthetic arm project. Video is up to date as of 12th April 2009.

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BMI Wheelchair: May 2009 Update
A few times now, we have covered various attempts to interface an electric wheelchair directly with thought control. The video below, by the researchers working on this project, goes into considerable technical detail, whilst highlighting progress made since we last looked at the work in February 2009.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: Status Update
A sample of the logging routines from Animatrix: Beyond, signaling all the data the machines need to keep a perfect record of what transpired in the system. It serves here as a reminder that when creating your own simulation, you do not have to go overboard and be verbose on the system logs. All it needs is the basic, bare bones information.

The LifeShirt is a garment (not necessarily a shirt) developed by VivoMetrics, which monitors tyhe wearer's vital signs. Collecting a continuous stream of respiration flow, heart rate, breathing regularity, sweat production and other key metrics.

The Trazer by Cybex Incorporated. Billed as a virtual reality exercise machine, this $6,495 USD (?3,300) machine tracks an infrared belt worn by the exerciser, and uses changes in the position of that, and senses of increase or decrease in heat rate, to determine how much they are exercising.


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Amazon.com Inc.'s Kindle e-reader is getting access to Facebook and Twitter, along with several other enhancements, as part of a software update being sent wirelessly to the devices.

In a posting on Amazon's site, the compa...

Last week Google announced updates for its popular Augmented Reality product, Google Earth. One of these updates is a four-fold increase in resolution for two thirds of the planet, allowing unprecedented detail levels.

A seco...

Mitsubishi has revealed a new Blu-ray player that can convert existing 2D movies into 3D in real time.

The company showed off the technology to a few tech journalists at the Barclays? PGA Tour at Westchester Country Club, a...

Google on Thursday gave developers a peek at an Android software update that lets smartphones become Wi-Fi hot spots and support video based on a Flash program shunned by iPhone maker Apple.

The Android mobile update code-nam...

(Press Release) Xsens of The Netherlands, well-known supplier of a range of miniature AHRS sensors, announces the introduction of the next generation Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs): the MTi-G.

The MTi-G is a MEMS IMU with ...