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Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle telematics is specialised form of telematics used to refer to interconnected road vehicles that each process data whether that be road conditions, their planned route at the next junction, or driver/passenger related sensors, and then transmit the findings to other nearby vehicles.

See also: Telematics

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Vehicle Telematics


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The Media Vehicle, is a serious take on VR interfacing, however it is not a serious commercial device. The unit is, for lack of a better phrase, an ?art tool?. It exists to showcase what is currently possible in 2009, not as a device which expects a practical market.

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Augmented Reality Sensor Web for the Road: Real-Time Ice Location
The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has created what is essentially, a scalable, modular road ice sensor network, designed to work with all types of heavy goods vehicle, and to communicate with any other technology also in place on the vehicle's data bus - drawing GPS data from other devices and interfacing with satelite navigation systems and in-cabin displays to warn the driver of approaching ice.

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MULE is an American military unmanned ground vehicle, designed by Lockheed Martin. It is an artificial intelligence controlled combat support robot, albeit one that is larger than a humvee.

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Darkness and Fog Sensor for Car Safety
A new sensor, is able to differentiate true darkness from fog or smoke, for vehicle navigation. Even better, the developers have listened, and efforts to make it cheaply for all cars are well under way.

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Ubiquitous Lifesigns Monitoring
Embedding electronics directly into fabrics, and weaving intelligent clothing is quite possible these days. Thus, it is not a great step to envisage clothes which continuously monitor your vital signs, and relay that information to a computer system, also located about your person, or in your house or vehicle.

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Vehicle Control with Neural Networks
An excellent, easy-to-follow look at using neural networks to control the movement of AI vehicles (or dragons, or whatever). Includes careful break down of how neural networks work, and carries a gradual learning curve upwards.


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When the all-electric Nissan Leaf hits the U.S. market next year, consumers will have to consider its relatively short 100-mile driving range, as well as the scarcity of charging stations beyond their own homes. Nissan plans to tackle these...

Researchers in China have developed a mathematical model that could help engineers design a flexible vehicle-arrest system for stopping cars involved in criminal activity or terrorism, such as suspect car bombers attempting break through a ...

University of Hawaii mechanical engineers and students are close to completing the first autonomous robotic vehicle for deep-ocean work.

"This is technology that the world needs," said Gary Godshalk, of Lockheed Martin, in ...

Ford Motor Co. is studying a system to use drones to help guide self-driving vehicles, including on off-road adventures, company officials said.

Drones launched from an autonomous vehicle would help guide it by mapping the su...

t has happened to every driver at one time or another; another vehicle hiding in your blind spot when you are trying to change lanes. Even when no crash results, your heart pounds from the adrenaline rush of the close call.