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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is the ability to utilise the internet for vocal phone calls. At its? simplest, utilising broadband computers, the necessity for a landline phone vanishes, along with all the bills. Voice calls flow over the usual data connection to the internet, and are treated just the same way. Transmitted between two VoIP computers, this means no phone bill for that call.

With further use, VoIP is beginning to be used within the virtual, as an augment for textual chatting, as it is often quicker and easier for many people to say the same thing out loud than to type it. The obvious drawbacks for this are:

1. Feature loss - the bandwidth taken up by voice often means many other, immersive features have to be shelved to make room.

2. Voice conversations involve fewer people. Whilst it is possible to differentiate 20 lines of text, it is very, very difficult to differentiate 20 speaking voices at the same time.

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In the modern era of VoIP and face to face communication, we are in danger of losing the power of virtual reality in a kind of mixed reality system. For whatever reason: nationality, lisp, burr, mixed gender heritage or simply being half drunk or high at the time, the market for the voice you emit to be synthetic, to be virtual is huge, preserving the integrity of the virtual world, by keeping the purely physical out.


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Computer Science PhD candidate Ang Cui and Computer Science Professor Salvatore Stolfo have found serious vulnerabilities in Cisco VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephones, devices used around the world by a broad range of networked o...

In just eight years, Ims have gone from the initial product ICQ, to a carrier of 2,000,000,000 messages a day. In fact, with the new VoIP, and the latest enhancements to the major Ims, the technology is poised to take over from the landline...

David Christian of Eagan, Minn., has been doing the landline shuffle. He's among the 25 percent of Americans who have dropped traditional phone service from providers such as Qwest and AT&T, according to the National Health Interview Surve...

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