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A wand is a bit like an electronic conductor?s baton. Held in the hands and whisked about in the air, it controls the simulation spread out before and around the person waving it. Sometimes it is called a magic wand, or a ?D mouse, because that is what it is ? a mouse that operates in the air, and on all three axis. It fits in the hand, it has buttons to click in ergonomic places, and sometimes even has a trackwheel.

Itdetects up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, pitch, yaw and roll in terms of movement. A full six degrees of freedom. Sometimes wands even have accelerometers in them, to detect velocity changes as well as positional updates.

See Also: 3D Mouse, Magic Wand

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VR Interfaces: Gyration Air Mouse
Movea?s Gyration Air Mouse is essentially an updated wand, or 3D pointer. It is hopefully the first of a new breed that works just as well in 2D on the desk, as it does bneing waved about in 3D in the air.


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