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Wearable Computer

A wearable computer is a computer system, or multiple computer systems that are literally weaven into the fabric of a piece of clothing, processing input, and displaying output whilst the person is walking around. They may be interacted with through numerous devices ? watch inputs, iPods, and other similar devices, networked into the wearable computer.

See Also: Body Area Network, Wearable Computing

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Wearable Computer

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At CHI 2009 (computer Human Interaction conference,) many new modalities of interface were demonstrated. One of the more practical was the product of a team from ETH Zurich's Wearable Computing lab. Vaguely resembling the bastard child of a set of safety glasses and a HMD, the EOG goggles are an eye movement tracking system, that requires no external hardware to operate.

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Wearable Diagnosis
Diagnosis of any illnesses, sudden injuries, or deterioration of conditions is something traditionally done in a doctor's clinic or in a hospital. Yet, with the proliferation of technologies to imbed computer components in our clothes and bodies, it is perfectly feasible to slip into your daily health check when you don something from your wardrobe at the start of the day.

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Telehealth: Wearable Electrocardiograph Using Body Area Network
Telehealth care and ubiquitous monitoring go hand in hand. Sometimes that leads to the creation of novel technologies. More often, it involves repurposing technologies from several other fields and combining them as one. In the case of the wearable electrocardiograph developed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), it's a little of both.

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GPS Tracker To Keep Pupils Safe
After the events at Virginia Tech University in the US, in April, a major push at using wearable technologies and sensor webs to improve student safety has been underway.

A basic problem in computer vision is to understand the structure of a physical sceene from just one or two camera?s perspective. This book attempts to provide a basic background in everything you need to know to be able to create a computer vision system, and train it to deal with the physical world.

An applied introduction to modern computer vision, focusing on a set of computational techniques for 3-D imaging. Covers a wide range of fundamental problems encountered within computer vision and provides detailed algorithmic and theoretical solutions for each. Each chapter concentrates on a specific problem and solves it by building on previous results.

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Wearable Display Jackets
The concept of clothing that integrates lighting displays is one that has only recently been realised, yet it hasd been in cyberpunk a long, long time. The original 'electropigment' dating back to Snow Crash itself.

A handy dictionary of terminology in printed format for 2D and 3D computer modelling.

A look behind the making of the computer AI that revolutionised the public opinion of AI back in 1997.

Programming the Universe is a Simulation Argument book. Lloyd, a professor at MIT, works in the vanguard of research in quantum computing: using the quantum mechanical properties of atoms as a computer. He contends that the universe itself is one big quantum computer producing what we see around us, and ourselves, as it runs a cosmic program.


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The global market for wearable computing and communications systems is expected to reach $270 million by 2007, according to a recent study published by VDC.

Sales in this relatively small market are expected to grow more than...

The ESA-designed Wearable Augmented Reality (WEAR) is a wearable computer system that incorporates a head-mounted display over one eye to superimpose 3D graphics and data onto its wearer?s field of view.

Controlled by voice f...

For decades, engineers have envisioned wearable displays for pilots, surgeons, and mechanics. But so far, a compact wearable display that's easy to interact with has proved elusive.

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Ph...

In a bid to limit the days of dialysis in number, two researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System have developed a design for an automated, wearable artificial kidney, or AWAK.


Office workers who make time to chat face to face with colleagues may be far more productive than those who rely on e-mail, the phone, or Facebook, suggests a study carried out by researchers at MIT and New York University.