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Window on World

WoW or Window on World systems are so called because they use a display screen, a monitor, to convey the virtual experience. Thus, you are peering through a 'window' into the virtual world, and it adds a degree of separation between yourself and the virtual.

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Wireless Sensor Detects Status of Window
German researchers have made advances in the sensor systems that detect if a window is open or closed, by using of all things, a heavily modified washing machine tumble sensor. It detects movement ofthe window flawlessly, by the exact same means.

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Videogame Derived Medicine
BodyViz is a window-on-world VR that combines the X-box and DICOM medical data for a low end VR solution to 3D medical results.

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Plato's Cave
Despite the name, Plato's Cave, is not a CAVE VR. It is instead, a window on world (monitor based) VR experience, designed as a new radiology visualisation interface.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The City on The Edge of Forever
The guardian offers the chance to visit any time frame, any settlement, any possible world, exactly as it was, in intricate detail. It itself is not a VR since it changes the actual history of events, but in all other ways the metaphor is the same. It is a window upon worlds, in which countless possibilities unfold, and which may be stepped through; immersed into to see how any civilisation lived in the past.

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Large Image Display:Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris: Its all in the Eyes
Take a look at the face in this frame. Notice the eyes, and how they glimmer, offering a window onto the soul. It cannot be stated often enough, that one of the key aspects of overcoming the uncanny valley is in the eyes.

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Book Quotes: Flatland
No matter how concrete the data that 3D working environments and immersive, intuitive interfaces boost productivity and workflow significantly above that evidenced by window, icon and pointer monitor screen and keyboard setups, government agencies and the beaurocratic chain are unlikely to ever take them up.

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Resource List: A ... World
What senses are needed to make a world a world? Is it any less a world if we cannot see it, cannot smell it, cannot touch and taste it? At what point do we experience too few sensory inputs to judge a world a world?

World Review: Birdz World
World Review: Birdz World welcome screen
Birdz World is another world created by Switch In software. It is also their youngest world. Of the four virtual environments they make, this is one of the lesser ones. From first glance, it is obvious it has been created fairly rapidly from Switch In world?s libraries.

World Review: Marian's World
World Review: Marian\'s World welcome screen
Marian's world is a little bit of an oddity really. It is a world in which everyone is female, and tither stands about talking, walks and talks, or drives cars and talks. There's nowhere to actually drive cars to, as the entire world is a hilly, swampy island of about one half a square mile, with only three treehouse structures on it, yet everyone has a convertable sports car, and only one set of clothes.


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Its very hard to overpower the human visual system. The human eye is so advanced, it can easilly differentiate between modern computer displays and windows. Quite possibly, not for much longer.

Researchers from Imaging Soluti...

Fans of the science fiction television show Star Trek: The Next Generation are certainly familiar with the 'holodeck', a room where powerful computers create realistic virtual environments.

That's the fictional model for w...

A new "smart" window system has the unprecedented ability to inexpensively change from summer to winter modes, darkening to save air conditioning costs on scorching days and returning to crystal clarity in the winter to capture free heat ...

A new finding by Ann Schlosser at the University of Washington has found that VR based experiences are just as prone to creating false memories as their meatspace equivalents.

Schlosser was interested in seeing how well stud...

Plastics are cheap, flexible, and relatively easy to manufacture, but they can also be more heat sensitive than other materials such as metals. The same goes for plastic (or organic) electronics, which offer the promise of foldable displays...