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World in the hand

World in the hand is a metaphorical phrase meaning any type of muscular-visual tracking where the tracking device is hand-held, and the viewpoint on the world, or the world itself, moves in accordance to the hand-held device.

Both Wandas and Waldoes work in this way.

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World in the hand


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RAPHaEL Hand > Compressed Air and Rubber
The RAPHaEL hand, or Robotic Air Powered Hand with Elastic Ligaments was constructed by Virginia Tech researchers. Its main claim to fame is a 60psi deft and dexterous movement, with a complete lack of motors. It uses actuators based on the accordion model instead.

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Guns & Flaws
Sticking to your guns, and continuing to surge forwards with your goals for your world, one of the most important dedication aspects. On the other hand, admitting when you are wrong, is just a must, if you'd like your world to survive.

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An Introduction to World Building
A look at how world design is moving forwards, propelled by gameworlds. The size of the virtual landscapes is rapidly climbing, and the cost of hand-making objects for all that space is unfeasable. We therefore have to look at other methods for content generation.

Fluidhand is a product of the Orthopaedic University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. It is the first complete hand prosthesis in which each finger moves separately, without being a separate unit.

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A Ghostly World
You are travelling through a forest, dappled sunlight streaming through the branches above, casting shadows on the ground. Leaves crunch underfoot, and the odour floats up to you. Closing your eyes, you reach out to pluck a flower - and feel nothing. Opening your eyes, you see your hand is in the middle of the plant you tried to pluck. Carefully, focussing with your eyes, by trial and error, you grasp and break off the flower, not feeling anything between your fingers. Suddenly, you realise you cannot even feel your fingers, you have not been feeling them, and you run a hand over your body, no sensation; you have to look to see you are touching skin.

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GPUs: the next frontier in film
Technology and movie-making have always gone hand in hand but the latest breakthroughs are changing the very nature of the process. Those in the industry say that thanks to the role of graphics processing units (GPUs), the director's vision can be more fully realized.

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Bypassing the Uncanny Valley with Hands
In August 2008, the first hand and forearm pairing was achieved which realistically bypasses the uncanny valley for the lower arm, and allows completely realistic movement of the wrist and hand.

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Telehealth: Wearable Electrocardiograph Using Body Area Network
Telehealth care and ubiquitous monitoring go hand in hand. Sometimes that leads to the creation of novel technologies. More often, it involves repurposing technologies from several other fields and combining them as one. In the case of the wearable electrocardiograph developed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), it's a little of both.

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Second Life Sketches: Please stop doing that to the cat
A humourous, and at the same time, mildly disturbing tale of life in Second life, when the cyber gets out of hand, and begins to affect physical world laws of the country of origin.

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The Rules
Ten rules to setting up and creating a world which has the potential to be successful from the start, has a loyal following, and players who enjoy it. Following these ten in no guarantee of success thou. Not following them on the other hand, is a guarantee of failure.


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Industrial robots have been helping in the factories for a while, but most robots need a complex hand and powerful software to grasp ordinary objects without damaging them.

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Hand transplants are eventually "accepted" by the brain, a study shows, raising the prospect of full movement being recovered. Surprisingly, it seems that in right-handed people, the left hand is accepted sooner.

The motor ...

Non-smokers who live with or spend time with smokers are damaging their memory, according to new research from Northumbria University.

The findings, published in the latest online edition of the journal Addiction is the firs...

A virtual reality hand, complete with vital veins, that "feels" could help trainee nurses practise.

The tactile 3D virtual reality system uses force feedback technology developed by the British company UK Haptics.

One of the main things preventing robots from lending a hand with everyday tasks is a simple lack of manual dexterity. New research from a team at Columbia University NY could help robots--and robotic prosthetics--get a better grip on all k...