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A fraction of, or shard of a world, complete unto itself, but limited in scope. A Worldlet can be an island, or a cut off community, having everything it needs to stay independent itself, not as part of a larger world.

Worldlets may lack fidelity with the world we know, but that is likely more a by-product of their tiny size, and limited resources than anything else.

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World Review: Planet Virtu
World Review: Planet Virtu welcome screen
A small community hamlet, nestled away from the more frequently trodden paths, this builder's worldlet clings to the dream of low-polygon freedom.
Rating 46.5
Special Client Required

World Review: Active Worlds
World Review: Active Worlds welcome screen
Active Worlds is a crossbreed. Nominally used as a 3D chatspace, its also a hive of creative building, the codebase for several RPGs, and the source of inspiration for many new VR ventures.

AW itself is made up of a collection of worlds, sharing the same graphical base, yet it manages to maintain cohesion as a 'worldlet' of sorts itself.
Rating 49.5
Special Client Required


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