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Telnet is the name of the most popular form of thin client system (no client). Used for the vast majority of MUDs, MUSHes, MOOs and MUX, it allows for a textual world, developed at almost no cost, and requiring no special software on the user's computer. At any given time there are anywhere from 1000 to 4000 separate organisations running public telnet worlds, and uncounted private worlds.

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Connecting to Telnet Worlds: Using Microsoft Telnet
Telnet -text based virtual worlds, or MUDs, MOOs and MUSHes as they are collectively known, require a TCP capable text client to interface with. Many different clients at a range of different prices with different addon features are available. However, each takes time to aquire, even if that is just the time to search in google and download.

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Got a License for That?
The state of Telnet-world technology is appaling. Virtual stagnation as vival codebases, rival each other for how long they can go without updating. Decade old code, still treated as fresh, things slipping into the shadows. Unnoticed, unloved, unhelped...


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