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AI - Artificial Intelligence: Index of Stills

This resource is not intended as a stand-alone article. Instead, this exists to help you explore the various facets of the film AI - Artificial Intelligence, and what it is trying to say. Every still from the film that this site utilises, is indexed here, sorted roughly by category.

Clicking on any one will take you to a separate article, displaying a larger size version of the image, and talking in depth about the meaning portrayed in the still and in that area of the film, along with how this information is worthy of thought. For most of this filme, the issues are portrayed on the screen in far more depth than most; the film itself is something of an art film. Many of them detail the changing nature of our relationships with our creations - natural and artificial, coexisting.

Most, if not all of these form articles in their own right, accessible from the site's main menu pages. However, this is the only place all are gathered together, for reference.

Each AI - Artificial Intelligence article links back here as a matter of course.

AI -Artificial Intelligence: Facial Access Panel

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AI -Artificial Intelligence: Does Not Eat

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AI -Artificial Intelligence: Imprinting

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AI - Artificial Intelligence: Teddy

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Further Reading

AI: Artificial Intelligence

AI: Artificial Intelligence is a film with deep and twisting tendrils exploring the fine line between robotic life and human life. David, the star of the film, is a young robotic boy, an experimental prototype, created as a temporary son for a couple whose biological son has been frozen until his deadly illness can be cured.

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