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FLARToolKit stands for FLash-based Augmented Reality Toolkit, and is a port of the Java-based port of ARToolkit, NyARToolKit.

Created by Japanese developers in late 2008, at time of writing, the port is available, but the documentation is not yet written. The toolkit is compatible with Flash version 10, using Action Script 3, where it executes natively. However, as with all flash coding, it executes exceedingly slowly as compared to Java or C. This limits the capabilities of derivative animations to handle AR data to realistically just a single camera and a handful of 3D models per scene.

Like the toolkits it is derived from, FLAR makes use of Magic Symbol technology to position its augmented reality creations in the video stream.

Feature List

* Native flash framework for creating real-time augmented reality applications
* Overlays 3D virtual objects Magic Symbol markers
* Multiple input sources (USB, Firewire, capture card) supported
o Multiple format (RGB/YUV420P, YUV) supported
o GUI initialising interface
* Relatively fast, cheap 6D marker tracking (real-time planar detection)
* An extensible markers patterns approach
* An easy calibration routine
* Simple graphic library
* 3D VRML support
* Simple and modular API (in ActionScript 3)
* Supports Android Phones natively
* Complete set of samples and utilities


OpenSource with GPL license for non-commercial usage

Commercial Licenses available

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At time of writing, no documentation exists

Other Links

ARToolworks - Contact for Commercial Lisence

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