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NyARToolKit is a complete port of ARToolkit that was written exclusively in Java. This makes it slower in execution than the original, but completely architecture independent. Like the original, NyARToolKit is a library of functions visual interpretation and integration of VR data into physical environments, including real-time camera vision functionality, 3D rendering of virtual objects, and integrating both into the output stream.

The odd name is due to a degree of self-promotion.It was created by a Japanese man known as Nyatla in 2008, so the Ny got added to the toolkit name.

Despite being native to Java, the toolkit works with C# and the Android operating system elegantly. Numerous other ports based off of it, account for other languages and set-ups.

The company that commercialised ARToolkit, ARToolworks, Inc, still owns the commercial lisence for NyArToolkit, despite their having nothing to do with its development. NyArToolkit is, perhaps for this reason, distributed open-source as a non-commercial product.

Feature List

* A simple framework for creating real-time augmented reality applications
* Overlays 3D virtual objects on real markers (Magic Symbol)
* A multi platform video library with:
o multiple input sources (USB, Firewire, capture card) supported
o multiple format (RGB/YUV420P, YUV) supported
o multiple camera tracking supported
o GUI initialising interface
* Fast and cheap 6D marker tracking (real-time planar detection)
* An extensible markers patterns approach
* An easy calibration routine
* Simple graphic library
* Fast rendering based on OpenGL
* 3D VRML support
* Simple and modular API (in Java)
* Supports Android Phones natively
* Complete set of samples and utilities


OpenSource with GPL license for non-commercial usage

Commercial Licenses available

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Other Links

ARToolworks - Contact for Commercial Lisence

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