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There is no point in having the most technologically advanced, persistent virtual environment, with full sensory immersion?if you have no content to fill it with.

When creating a civilisation, what do you have to play with? There is a staggering array of materials and tools to choose from. Do you know what they are?


Cartography (4)

Cartography is the study of maps, and map-making. As virtual worlds become larger, and more complex, the need to provide the players with maps becomes ever-more important. Some worlds are even taking the brave step of supplying in-world maps for the characters. The question is, how should these maps be presented, so they fit the world?

This section serves several different purposes. Firstly, it provides a link to historically accurate maps and plans. Secondly, it discusses map-making, and the value of different approaches to mapping the world.

Linked resource
An Atlas of Cyberspace: Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs) & Virtual Worlds
This page is basically a collection of links with examples, of the various methods used by different worlds to map themselves.

Linked resource
Ancient Greece
Four outstanding, public domain maps of ancient Greecian territories in jpeg format. Each map is highly detailed, and provides excellent information on the layout of countries in the ancient world.

Linked resource
Building Blocks: Maps
Mapping your world is actually one of the most important things to be BEFORE you start to build. This excellent, and indeed, sorely needed article talks about how to construct logical maps from your initial sketches, and then how to use them to create a much more elegant, much more immersive build.

Linked resource
Map Cost in Medieval Times
A short article, based around a couple of newsgroup postings, it discusses the differing prices of cartographic information in medieval times.

Clothing and Leather-working (3)

Linked resource
Period Leather
Companion article to Period Leather-working techniques, this article discusses types of leather, recognation of leathers, and some basic tanning techniques.

Linked resource
Period Leather-working techniques
A long, and detailed article on the techniques of leather-working, including detail on all tools used, and how to use them. Covers most forms of leather working.

Locally Hosted resource
World's Oldest Prosthetics Show Even Primitive societies Used Prosthetics
In a discovery that is just as good for realistic content inside historical or fantasy-based virtual environments as it is for showcasing the history of prosthetics, a researcher at the University of Manchester has shown that not only were realistic prosthetic devices present in ancient Egypt, but by using MoCap, analysed how they worked.