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Sometimes you encounter musical tracks which fit one or more aspects of virtual reality, mediation through VR, or alternate life so perfectly, they perhaps find a special place in your heart that is other than the artist may have intended. These emotional rides through song stirr the soul, and make virtual realities yearned for, seem so much closer, if only for a little while.


Virtual Relationships (2)

The embodiment of love through VR, telepresence, or long-distance, intangable romance.

The 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Pixel Perfect, is not available outside of Disney broadcast releases, but the soundtrack is. Among the tracks on it, are three songs, each with multiple meanings yet, from the way they were presented in the film, it is clear they were meant to refer to aspects of the life of a computer generated singer.

A spin-off from the film ?Electric Dreams?, this 1984 upbeat lovesong from the pen of Giorgio Moroder. This is the song the artificial intelligent entity Edgar created at the end of the film, expressing his feelings for Madeline, as he takes over computers across half the country to express that love in control of water jets, radio stations, and TV broadcasts. This is his final act before leaving Madeline and Miles to pursue happiness together, as two humans can.

Escaping into Virtuality (2)

Linked resource
RL vs. muds
A humourous and still oh so apt poem about mudding / VR vs ?real life?.

Stay is one of the songs by Shakespeare's Sister, a British band. It sings of one person?s desire to get out of the world, to find another, better world to inhabit. One of the singers is singing for the person to stay, the other is singing not for them to go, but that they will wake up ?in your own world?. This second half of the song is very powerful.

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Virtual Music Festivals (0)

The relationship between music and VR can be far deeper than music about VR, it extends to actual concerts and music festivals held inside a VR, along with the unique scenarios this presents.