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Text-Based (4)

Nothing like curling up by the fire with a good novel - except lounging in the armchair with a good laptop, and a textual worldlet - an interactive novel of which you, are a part.
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An Introduction to MUSHes
?MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination, and is derived from the mud family of online games. They are text based programs which allow multiple people to simultaneously interact within an artificial environment. This article will be focused on role playing MUSHes using the PennMUSH code base, although the TinyMUSH and TinyMUX code bases bear enough resemblance for this to be applicable.?

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MUD Pies: Part 1 - Let's make a MUD server
If you've ever contemplated making your own MUD, but never knew where to start, this article is for you. Designed around making a MUD (or MUSH, or MOO, or whatever you like) using the Windows operating system, it employs a clear, easy to follow approach, and copious source code.

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MUD Pies: Part 2
Part two of this series takes you through everything you need, to turn your initial code into a functional chat server ? the bare-bones basics for any world.

Complete Website: mudconnector.com
The premier site on the internet for finding MUDs, MOOs and MUSHs. 1,801 listings, last check. Also several good developer, and player forums.

Augmented Reality (0)

Augmented Reality, or AR is a relatively new field, which works by taking Physical Reality, as in the world all around us, combining it with Virtual Reality, the new realities we make in computers, and producing a third reality with the two blended together.

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Textual MUDs (3)

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An introduction to: DIKU
This short article, mirrored with permission from Mudconnect.com's FAQ series, covers a basic introduction to the DIKU codebase.

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An introduction to: CircleMUD
This short article, mirrored with permission from Mudconnect.com's FAQ series, covers a basic introduction to the CircleMUD codebase.

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DIKU mud
A brief history of the development of DIKUmud, and the codebases it spawned.

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Textual MUSHes (3)

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MUSH Code: What It Is and Where to Get It
This fairly short introduction to MUSH coding, includes the key facts needed, some excellent references, and a companion article, Coding by Example: +where.

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MUSH Reference Manual
This reference manual, designed for PennMUSH, but suitable for all MUSH codebases, provides an excellent grounding for familiarity with MUSHes. Note: File size is in excess of 130k.

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What is a MUSH?
This short article attempts to define what a MUSH is, for the completely uninitiated. By it's very nature, this article lacks any depth, but serves as an excellent grounding for those just entering the sphere of virtual worlds.

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