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Enforcement Robotics
Battlespace refers to the unique world of a military combined virtual and physical battle. A simulated, virtual battlefield interacting seamlessly in real time with a physical battlefield. Sometimes used for training; increasingly actual battles. Battlespace is changing the face of combat.


Military VR (6)

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Simplified Battle Plan
This image shows the output from a tiny broadcast drone one of the runner robots in Matriculated, literally excremented out of its posterior. It sunk into the ground and then began transmitting this simplified image. The reason being that all these machines see reality and virtual reality as interchangeable. As one of the characters said, and its true "all reality is virtual to them". So, when summoning reinforcements, keep it as simple as possible.

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Military Strategies Based On Ants' Movements
Sometimes viable battlespace tactics come out of left field. In this case, a system that in all likelihood will end up as a military asset, started life in several commercial videogames.

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Real lessons from virtual battle
A BBC article on the use of Virtual Battle Space 2, a low-cost VR training simulation for the military. The british MoD is currently using it, to train troops prior to actual deployment.

Scent Wave is a single-scent dispenser, each unit holding and dispensing a single scent-stick. Using a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils, Scent Wave is one of those systems that will work after being bunged in a cupboard for six months. Used primarily in retail environments, this system often finds use in large-scale VR such as military simulations and immersive training.

WarGames is very much a child of the 80s. It is a suspenseful thriller like many released in the period were. However, unlike many, it is an intelligent thriller, one that still holds up well today.

Military AR (9)

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Electromagnetic TrackerEye tracking
Geographic Information SystemsHUD
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Augmented Vision Cops
Beat officers, pounding the streets in the UK, have unleashed an AR-inspired weapon on the war on crime.

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Being There, Now...
Through neural interfaces, it will be ultimately bepossible to record all of a person's senses about the area they are in. That leads to 'being somewhere else, now' in which a user can experience life at a beautiful locale, or historic discovery through the experiences of another - without going there themselves.

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The First Military RoboSuits: HULC
HULC, or Human Universal Load Carrier, is a product of Lockheed Martin, a US defence contractor. It is loosely based on a similar design from Berkeley Bionics of California, but with significant enhancements. It is still a long way from a practical robosuit of course, but is definitely on the right track:

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Military Teleoperation (7)

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BattlespaceGeographic Information Systems
TelemanipulationThe Sensor Web
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SWORDS - Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems - & Robotic Warfare
Whenever you ask someone about robots being used to kill people, they almost without fail, think of the Terminator movies. Those few that don't, usually think of Star Wars droids, or other humanoid killing machines. Currently, we barely have two legged robots that can handle office buildings or race tracks, so these fantasies are still just fantasies. Robots deployed in war, to kill the enemy, that, is not a fantasy, and more are being produced every year.

The iRobot packbot is a purely military robot, with over 2000 in service at time of writing. One of iRobot's flagship robots for 2007-2009, this is essentially a scouting reconnaissance robot, with a remote controlled maniplatory arm that has nine degrees of freedom.

Dressed up as real stories from the fighting fronts of recent wars, and varying between a novelistic format, and a textbook one, this book is definitely an easy read, despite the sheer amount of information it presents.

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Military AI (2)

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Biped Robots > Petman
The Petman robot, created by Boston Dynamics, is a possible successor to BigDog. Built using the same engineering principles, it is essentially a two-legged version of the go-anywhere workhorse.

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MULE is an American military unmanned ground vehicle, designed by Lockheed Martin. It is an artificial intelligence controlled combat support robot, albeit one that is larger than a humvee.