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Resource List:  VR Novel Author: Bruce Bethke
Bruce Bethke is the writer originally responsible for the creation of the CyberPunk genre. In the early spring of 1980, he wrote the short story ?Cyberpunk?. This was the first ever use of the word ? he coined it for the tale about a gang of teenage hackers. After two unsuccessful attempts to have it published ? as a short story in 1982, and as a novel in 1989, he was actually told there was no possibility that another cyberpunk novel would be commercially successful, and there would never be a successful cyberpunk movie.

Yes, well?.

Locally Hosted resource CyberPunk

Bruce Bethke sold the original ?Cyberpunk? story in 1982, where it was buried by the publisher. Cobbled together into a novel in 1989, it was again purchased, and again never made print. As part of our homage to VR in Print, we offer the full novel, distributed as a 1.1mb PDF file.