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Resource List:  The Lively Debacle
Google lively was launched in mid 2008 as a ?Second Life Killer? quothe the company. It launched with a great deal of fanfare, and press releases out the wazoo. Google desired everyone to come see their second foray into VR (first being Google Earth). Needless to say, things did not go exactly as planned, with the world being an embarrassing mistake Google would rather forget, and dead before the end of the year.

Locally Hosted resource Google Lively Launches

In July 2008, Google launched Google Lively, Beta. It was a new approach for the company, one which they promoted every which way they could. A social virtual environment, which they planned to use to rival Second Life. A VR that used a thin client, could seamlessly be embedded in any web page just like VRML of old.

Locally Hosted resource World Review: Google Lively

We gave things a month, to settle down and for the initial hype wave to be over, then sent a reviewer to take a look at Lively, and deliver her thoughts. It seems perhaps the much hyped world was nothing but hot air. Glaring design mistakes were obvious from the outset.

Locally Hosted resource Google Wants Lively To Be a True Gaming Platform

In an interview with Gamesindustry.biz, Kevin Hanna - creative director on Google's Lively - discussed the nascent virtual world's transition to a proper online gaming platform. His views could be considered somewhat out of touch with any reality at times. By this point, most users of Lively had stopped logging in, a majority only ever there once.

Locally Hosted resource Google Lively to be put out of its misery

20th November 2008, and Google issue an official statement that Lively dies on 31st December 2008. It was a failed venture, doomed from the start, launching with no actual business model, and they finally admit this, pulling the plug.