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Resource List:  Fiction-Inspired Building Methods
There are countless examples in books, film, and single-player gaming of fictional virtual environments, created for reasons ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Many of these are humourless jokes of worlds, but many others, may actually have something to teach us, when it comes to creating real synthetic worlds.

Locally Hosted resource Dark City: World-Building Paradigm

The 1998 film Dark City, actually may have much to teach us about building practices in modern VR. At least, after the warped minds at VWN get through with it.

Locally Hosted resource Thirteenth Floor: World Building

What was nice about the world-building method used in floor 13, was it did not cut off suddenly, like many if not most worldlets in modern times do. Usually you have a grid, of a set number of cells arranged into a square or rectangular shape. Up until the edge of that grid, everything seems normal, then suddenly all the trees, rocks, vegetation, man-made objects stop dead.