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Born the bastard son of an abdicated prince, Fitz find himself in a precarious position, made more so by the balancing of his private life and loves against his profession as a royal assassin. Raised by his absent father?s stableman, Fitz lives continually on the outsides of the court, too much of a threat to ignore, but too useful to forget.
As Fitz grows to manhood he finds that his royal heritage will not protect him forever, and nor will the powers which develop as he grows, but rather they will make him a target to his enemies, especially those within the line of succession.
With the inclusion of the mysterious Fool in Fitz?s life however, everything seems set to change, with more than just his family?s reign at stake, but rather, according to the prophetic Fool, the fate of the world itself.

Whilst the plot of these novels is nothing new, Hobb?s characterisation, implementation and story-telling are all excellent, as is the development of the world in which Fitz?s adventures are based.
Again, not hugely original are the two dominant magicks explored in the text, the Skill, a mind-manipulation magic, and the Wit, which allows communication with beasts of all kinds. Obviously these are areas that have been covered in fantasy many times, but Hobb?s take on them is a refreshing change from the norm, though the personalities of the creatures themselves seem slightly cliched and generic.
Overall, whilst the tales of the Six Duchies are nothing that hasn?t been written about before, they are told with a skill that is rarely seen in fantasy, and will certainly encourage the reader to keep turning the pages.


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