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Matrix Revolutions picks up right where Matrix Reloaded left off. This is perhaps unsurprising, as the two are essentially one long film, split into two parts. Whilst both lack the raw power of the original, Revolutions is the better film, as it ties things up into logical conclusions, and could stand alone. The same could not be said for Reloaded.

Following the destruction of the Nebuchadnezzar from Reloaded, Morpheus, Trinity and Neo are on board the Hammer, the hovercraft that picked them up from the surface. Neo seems to have developed a way to control the real world, in much the same way as he controls the Matrix, opening up a new Pandora?s box.

Unfortunately, they don?t have much time,. The machines will invade Zion in less than 20 hours, and all hands on deck to try to stop the invasion, anyway they can, whether it follows the rules, or doesn?t.

We see the society of Zion fully fleshed out, the machine world fleshed out at last, Neo developing towards godlike powers, and the final resolution of the centuries long war.


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