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Chronicles of the Crystal Singers of Ballybran

Three novels in one, Crystal Singer Omnibus comprises The Crystal Singer, Killashandra, and Crystal Line.

One of Anne McCaffrey?s great trilogies, this one deals with the crystal singer Killashandra, and the wondrous world of Ballybran, whose almost unbelievable beauty, and unique characteristics are an inspiration to world builders of the possibilities that can be achieved.

Ballybran is a unique world, consisting of high mountain ranges, deep chasms, fjords, and jagged lakes of water. The surface shows a world unloved, torn apart as much as possible by its own by natural forces. Gigantic storms blow across the surface, smashing rock, relocating structures, and causing mountains to resonate.

The world would be of no interest to anyone as a place to live if it was not for the unique crystals that grow there, crystals that resonate to vocal pitches, that require talented, dedicated singers to carve them from the rock face, whose properties make them the most desirable products in civilisation.

The three books within the trilogy:

The Crystal Singer

Killashandra trained long and hard, spending many years trying to be a concert singer. At the peak of her training she was cast down, told she would never make the cut. Blessed with perfect pitch, but with no way of succeeding in music on her home planet, she drowned her sorrows at the spaceport cafeteria.

Then she met him.

He was an off-worlder, he said, a Crystal Singer. He had the officials at the port, and in planetary government running in circles to please him, and he had an interest in her, and her talents as a singer?


Killashandra is a crystal singer of Ballybran, one of the best in fact, possessing a sixth sense about black crystal, the most rare and valuable of the crystals. Infected with the symbiotic-spore, as are all on Ballybran, she feels the desire to feel crystal sing in her blood till it is so intense she has to flee off planet to get away, to allow the urge to dye back before need brings her home again.

Her travels lead her to Optheria, and her life as a singer is flushed out in increasing detail as she meets one with outstanding musical talent whose society has not seen him ft for stardom?

Crystal Line

The conclusion of the Crystal singer trilogy sees Killashandra?s life torn apart as Lars, her partner in the long excursions crystal cutting, becomes the new guildmaster of the singer?s guild. Unable to spend time with her lover, she goes mad in the canyons until crystal resonance blocks out every memory she had, and her friends try desperately to save her.

New worlds open up, and the power of crystal is fully revealed.


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