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Runaway is an action Sci-Fi film. Starring Tom Selleck and Cynthia Rhodes, this production is a good romp with a fairly deep and twisting plot, making for enjoyable viewing. Made in 1984, it does not have killer graphics or special effects, but those it has are very well done.

Its not clear exactly when the film is set, but it seems to be the very near future as life is much as it is now, with the exception of robots.

Possibly just five, ten years ahead of us now, and robots are everywhere. Resembling clunky mecchano constructions, these little boxes on wheels or walkers look and move exactly like the research robots of 2005, and carry out a variety of basic tasks from monitoring crops, to hovering cameras that go where it is dangerous for police to go, to computers that help run the home.

Selleck and Rhodes play a couple of special Operation cops whose sole task is to track down and catch ?runaways? ? robots that have for whatever reason, gone rogue and need to be stopped.

A deranged genius, Charles Luther, is creating robotic devices with the power to kill and setting them loose to remove his enemies. Robotic spiders that excrete acid, ?smart bullets? which possess machine vision, and can fly round corners to smack their designated targets, and more.

Luther comes to the attention of special ops when a new chip he has designed, to take over and turn any robot into a killing machine, is discovered into a home helper ? the helper kills the family, and even the flier sent in by the police to investigate it.

From that point on, the plot unwinds, and as with any good police movie, twists and turns as new elements are discovered, and leads dry up.

Of particular note is the technology which, whilst it is over 20 years old, almost accurately predicts the path robotics has taken, and we?re still not at the movie?s era yet!

Very worthwhile for the realistic view into the near future alone, let alone the enjoyable romp itself.


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