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OpenGL distilled, released March 2006, is a concise book about the essential, commonly used features of modern OpenGL. Considering OpenGL is the only graphics standard really widely used on Linux and Unix systems, where DirectX does not venture, such a guide is very useful indeed.

OpenGL Distilled provides the fundamental information needed to start programming 3D graphics, from setting up an OpenGL development environment to creating realistic textures and shadows. This book teaches the essential and most-often-used features of OpenGL 2.0, as well as the best coding practices and troubleshooting tips.

Topics include: drawing and rendering geometric data such as points, lines, and polygons, controlling colour and lighting to create elegant graphics, creating and orienting views, increasing image realism with texture mapping and shadows, improving rendering performance, and preserving graphics integrity across platforms.

A companion Web site includes complete source code examples, colour versions of special effects described in the book, and additional resources.

OpenGL Distilled is intended for C++ programmers who are new to OpenGL but are moderately familiar with computer graphics, graphic resources, texts, and certain algorithms.


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