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VR Interfaces: Simroid


Overview of Simroid
Simroid, or 'simulator android' is a gynoid which has been developed by Dr. Naotake Shibui of the Nippon Dental University in Tokyo, to be used as a patient for dentist trainees.

The robot is designed as a feminine patient with a pink sweater and lipstick red shoes, but isn't just eye-candy for the students. Standing at five foot three inches when upright, she can slowly lean herself back in the dentists chair, or stand. In fact, she uses much of the same technology found in receptionist gynoids.

She is designed as a chatterbox, to teach the students to interact socially with their patients, putting them at ease. She is capable of detecting excess pressure or slipped instruments, which would hurt a patient.

Additionally, her speech recognition is sophisticated enough to follow clear spoken instructions, opening her mouth wider, having a seat, standing up, not to move, etc. Rinse and spit is a bit beyond her. However, she is able to remember how a particular dental student performed, in exquisite detail, remembering every misstep, or dialogue interaction choice, and delivering feedback at the end - she can still talk even if a human's mouth would have been completely carved up.


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