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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Concisely, What does VWN cover?

In a nutshell, we cover the following areas:

Direct Technology

CAVE, CAVElib, Heliodisplay, DataGlove, HUD, HMD, Neuralprosthetic, these and oh so many more technological devices and theoretical systems designed to interlink the mind into virtual reality, or augmented reality systems.

VR Developments

Haptic interfaces, Human-Machine interfaces, immersive experiences, patents, legal cases and so much more. All the latest developments occuring in the VR field, as it pushes forwards - all interlinked, and cross-indexable, we work to not only display but inter-create systems, and encourage further growth.

AR Developments

Augmented bodies, AR HUDs, developments in augmenting reality by merging both. Speech recognition, gesture recognition, speech replacement, RFID and the sensor web. GPS, and so much more. Everything occuring in the modern world of augmented reality, almost as it happens, and as with VR we interlink, promote and find ways that different approaches can benefit each other.

World Content

Oh great, we have all these wonderful world-systems. Now, what exactly do we put in them? Content of all kinds for virtual replication. Mythological creatures, models, skins, ancient and modern weaponry, architecture, geology, getography, professions, natural formations - all geared explicitly for recreation in the virtual.

As much content as possible, in as many different formats as we can, to give you a chance to fill your world with greatness.