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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are sites like this needed?

This site, seems an odd mish-mash of different topics. Why is it needed? Who would want any site like this?

That's a fair question. Why would anyone need such a mish-mash of topics? We cover everything from Geology, and Cartography, to solutions for violent behaviour, articles on virtual rape, and tutorials for several advanced coding APIs.

Its almost as if we're trying to capture the whole world, in this site. Truth be told, that's not so far from what we are trying to do. The Virtual Worldlets Network is a centre for the holistic develoipment of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Virtual Worlds.

Now, why do we need sites like this? Well, this is not the first attempt at a total virtual world resource site, there have been dozens upon dozens of attempts to do such, before us.

That implies a need, but it also implies a problem - why are there so many failures?

Partly its because virtual worlds are such a massive topic that it's nearly impossible to cover it all. Partially it may be because each of the previous attempts has taken a niche, a piece of the pie. They look at one aspect of virtual worlds, and concentrate their effort there.

We don't. We're different to the previous ones. We look at all of it, the entire sphere.

The type of virtual world that forms this site's primary focus, that on online, persistent, immersive worlds, has been around for a relatively short time, by most comparisons - less than thirty years. However, online worlds are based with computers, and in computing, 30 years is a long time indeed.

In all that time, we've seen advances across the board - yet virtual worlds are still being created, maintained, and run, little differently than the first worlds that emerged. In many cases, they're even inferior to those.

We're stuck in a rut, going round and round, falling into holes, climbing out, only to fall in again - and again and again. Why is this?

Partially it's due to the worlds that fall in - they find the cause, do their best to correct the issue, then tell no-one outside the team what they've done or why - so the next world that comes along, falls into that exact same hole.

Partially, it's the other resource sites like this that are to blame - the failed ones. Others have done what we have attempted to do - they have gathered resources in one central location. Most have then folded from the internet, taking their resources down with them, so that developers can no-longer see what those who came before, decided to do, or why they did so.

With many types of world, it's further due to dissatisfaction with the status-quo. Developers tire of the bad decisions of their superiors, and move on to set up their own world, removing some of the talent-base from the old, and commencing to make the same mistakes, all over again...

Enough is Enough

This has gone on long enough. What the industry needs is a cental repository of knowledge - somewhere where the mistakes of those who came before, can be displayed with little, or no danger of disappearing from the 'net. What the industry needs, is a site such as this.

Somewhere where all information, of use to developers can be held. Advice on potholes in the road ahead, and how to avoid them.

Introductions to building, coding, interactive storytelling, and running these worlds, for those new to these responsibilities - legal advice, marketing guidance, teambuilding, and design help.

Centralised resources for world-elements, geography, geology, theology, physics, maths, cartography, sociology, physics, coding, graphics design and more. All focussed into one, specific goal. To make virtual worldlets the true worlds they can be