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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are so many theoretical issues here?

It might seem weird that this site covers a great deal of theoretical, and cutting-edge breakthrough material, when it is, beyond doubt, a practical virtual reality site. Why do we do this? is the public face of the Virtual Worldlets Network, a company dedicated to holistic development, and committed, 110% to accelerating the development of VR.

This means that we keep an eye on as great a proportion of work that can potentially benefit VR as we can. Theoretical work may well prove useful to different groups working on VR, so we include it. Research prototypes and cutting edge developments are of no practical benefit yet, but we include them in our offerings to you for the same reason: It may be that a technology you?re working on, would fit in perfect harmony with the work of another, in ways you had never dreamed of, and in ways which advance the greater cause.