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 NeuroGaming 2014 Conference and Expo

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Date posted: 12/01/2014

We are at the dawn of the neurogaming age, on the cusp of making the impossible possible. What will happen at NeuroGaming 2014 in San Francisco on May 7–8 at City View at the Metreon will be on the very cutting edge, and you are invited to come and play an important role.

May 7th 2014 – May 8th 2014
Metreon, San Francisco, California, USA

You’ll experience everything from brain-controlled games to true augmented virtual reality experiences to concentration enhancing devices, and so much more.

Amazing sessions will blow your mind:

* Full Play: Entertainment NeuroGaming Convergence
* The Interface Evolves: Sensory Gaming Platforms
* Being Human: Emotional Gaming Platforms
* Immersive Experiences: Virtual Reality NeuroGaming
* Think, Think, Think: Cognitive Gaming Platforms
* Momentum Matters: Investing in NeuroGaming
* The Real World: Augmented Reality NeuroGaming
* Improving the Mind: Therapeutic & Wellness NeuroGaming
* Accelerating Learning: Educational NeuroGames Arrive
* Future of Game Design: Multi-Sensory Experiences

At NeuroGaming 2014 you’ll….

* Learn how new sensors are impacting video games
* Find out how emotions are being incorporated into games
* See what venture and strategic investors are looking to fund
* Hear from industry leaders and start up gurus on what’s next
* Discover new partnering and revenue making opportunities
* Find out how gaming is impacting brain treatments
* Try out the latest neurogaming technologies for yourself

Neurogaming is a disruptive force that will transform nearly every facet of the gaming industry, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies on the cutting edge to take leadership roles. If you are interested in the future of gaming or of humankind this is a must attend event.

We are bringing together over 40 executives and investors from across the neurogaming space to share their insights and show you their cutting edge technologies.

See the full Story via external site: www.neurogamingconf.com

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