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Source: Count Zero, Page: 114

Heavy icebreakers are kind of funny to deal in, even for the big boys. You know why? Because ice, all the hard stuff, the walls around every major store of data in the matrix, is always the product of an AI, an artificial intelligence. Nothing else is fast enough to weave good ice and constantly alter and update it. So when a really powerful icebreaker shows up on the black market, there are already a couple of very dicey factors in play. Like for starts, where did the product come from? Nine times out of ten, it came from an AI, and Ais are constantly screened, mainly by the Turing people, to make sure they don't get too smart.

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About the Book 'Count Zero'
By William Gibson
Produced By Ace Trade; Reprint edition

?He spent most of those three months in a ROM-generated simstim construct of an idealised New England boyhood of the previous century. The Dutchman?s visits were grey dawn dreams, nightmares that faded as the sky lightened beyond his second-floor bedroom window. You could smell the lilacs, late at night. He read Conan Doyle by the light of a sixty watt bulb behind a parchment shade printed with clipper ships. He masturbated in the smell of clean cotton sheets and thought about cheerleaders. The Dutchman opened a door in his back brain and came strolling in to ask questions...
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