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 Gypsy Stages Debut Performance At Carvi2005

This story is from the category Display Technology
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Date posted: 10/06/2005

(Press Release) Gypsy is set to make waves, appearing for the first time at the International Virtual Reality Congress in Spain.

Animazoo are proud to have been invited to present the GypsyGyro-18 – the world's easiest and most `lifelike' motion capture system, at CARVI2005 which showcases the very latest advances in virtual engineering.

"We are very pleased to be presenting the GypsyGyro-18 system at CARVI2005. Animazoo's expertise in the field of motion capture technology is a great asset to the congress and we are very much looking forward to being their hosts here in Spain," said Eva Salgado, CARVI2005's Marketing Manager.

The conference is aimed at bringing together leading edge virtual reality development specialists and focuses on innovative applications for television, simulation, architecture and civil engineering.

The event, running for the third year, is hosted by the European Virtual Engineering Centre (EUVE) in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain on the 9th and 10th of June.

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