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 Miniature Attitude and Heading Sensor

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Date posted: 12/06/2005

What is reportedly the world?s smallest attitude and heading reference system was launched by Xsens Technologies this week at Sensors Expo 2005. The new device is the size of a matchbook, yet contains solid-state inertial sensors and earth-magnetic field sensors.

In a nutshell, the device will tell how high you are into the air, and your current direction of movement and speed with an accuracy of point five degrees. Additionally, a software development kit is available with Windows and Linux objects, as well as sample code in C/C++, Matlab, LabVIEW, and VBA.

Netherlands-based Xsens adds that the product has been designed for new applications, such as control of autonomous or remote-controlled mobile robots and unmanned marine, land, and aerial vehicles. Other applications include stabilisation of pipeline inspection tools and stabilisation of cameras for inspection, security, and augmented reality applications.

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