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 City Of Heroes expands again

This story is from the category World Specific Developments
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Date posted: 11/07/2005

NCsoft Europe have announced an expansion pack for City of Heroes. Forest of Dread will become available at no extra cost to existing subscribers in August 2005.

Forest of Dread features a thrilling new Zone for heroes to explore ? the mystical Croatoa, which is populated by monstrous new villains such as the giant Fir Bolg and the legendary Tuatha de Dannan. A new epic Task Force is also available in Croatoa for heroes to complete.

Two new power sets are also available with the upgrade: Archery and Sonics, available to Defenders, Blasters and Controllers. New Zone Events will test heroes to the limit, asking them to stop arson attacks and break up an out-of-control super-powered rave.

It is not clear at this time whether the upgrade will also work with the City of Villains MMO, which is itself designed to bolt onto City of Heroes.

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