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 International Conference on e-Learning

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Date posted: 18/04/2006

June 22 - June 23, 2006
Montreal, Canada

The International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL) brings together academic research and practical applications of e-Learning from all areas.

The conference provides a varied mix of participants and a unique focus: seldom do real-life applications benefit from current academic research in e-Learning related areas; and seldom do academic researchers have the opportunity to gain a firsthand understanding of real-life issues that are solved by e-Learning.

At ICEL, an international group of academic, corporate, public sector, and educational communities will join together at one conference to exchange ideas and examples of best practice.

The advisory group for the conference invites submissions of papers on both the theory and practice of all aspects of web-enabled technology in learning and teaching. The conference in June 2006 is seeking qualitative, experience-based and quantitative papers as well as case studies and reports of work in progress from academics, teachers, practitioners, vendors and government departments. Topics may include, but are not limited to,

? E-learning Design
? Usability
? Evaluation
? Content Development
? Authoring Tools, LCMSs, and LMSs
? Instructional Design
? E-learning Technology and Standards
? Mobile Learning
? Societal and Cultural Issues in E-learning
? Online Assessments
? Knowledge Management
? Content Management
? Simulations and Virtual Learning Environments
? E-learning Portals
? New E-learning Methodologies
? Uses of Multimedia in E-learning
? Marketing and Promoting E-learning
? E-learning to support communities and Individuals
? Blended Learning Approaches
? Social Benefits of E-Learning
? New Partnerships to Deliver E-Learning
? E-Universities and other Computer-Enabled Systems in Learning and Teaching
? E-learning ROI
? Other/Specialist E-learning Topics

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